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Red Cells

At ADEETECH we believe that skill development at every level is required to solve 5000 years old inherited genetic disorder i.e. Sickle Cell Disease. 

We provide skill development in India for SCD Epidemiology, SCD Pathogenesis and SCD Therapeutics research.  Dr. Devendra Lingojwar is working on SCD in India since 1999 and till now covered 10000 samples testing and covered various aspects of SCD research in India and USA. 

Our Story

We started journey of SCD research in 1999 with the beginning of multicentric project in India on Sickle Cell Disease. It was a time when that time Jai Vigyan Science and Technology Mission was launched. Dr. Devendra Lingojwar began his career in SCD research in Sep 1999 while working with Padamashree Prof. Sudam Kate at BJ Medical College Pune in collaboration with NIIH Mumbai. Later on reported presence of Human parvovirus B19 for the first time in India in Pawra Community from Western Indian with high prevalence of IgG antibodies and first case of Transient Aplastic Crisis with 3.2 Hb and presence of B19 IgM antibodies and B19 DNA by PCR. Genotype 1 was confirmed by phylogenetic tress analysis. This is the first time attempt of ICMR studies on combination of genetic disorder and infectious disease in India. This work was done at ICMR NIV Pune. He also worked on Omega 3 supplementation to beta thalassemia at IRSHA  Bharati University Pune and also developed single blood drop technology for the first time for field level testing of SCD using modified Hb electrophoresis method at ADEETECHGENE BIOTECH PVT. LTD.  (ATG LAB previously) in 2008.  

His one of the major contribution in SCD research is drug development and studies preclinical trials on plasma expander based PEG-Albumin and PEG-Hemoglobin while working with Dr. Seetharama Acharya at Albert Einstein College of Medicine NYC USA for which has was awarded best oral presentation by NIIH ICMR India.  This study was published in Blood in 2016 as a part of ASH Conference paper. After return to India, he initiated studies on genetic modifiers and clinical genomics on homozygous SCD cases in India and trained human resource on various aspects of SCD epidemiology and pathogenesis. 

Along with SCD, he also worked on Hemoglobin E, which he reported for the first time in the state of Chhattisgarh in 2013 and published in 2016. 

Meet The Team

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