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Diagnostics: General diagnosis, Clinical Examination, Lab markers for pathogenesis studies

 General diagnosis: ADEETECH's innovative simple protocol of Sickle Cell Anemia diagnosis in field using Solubility test and Hemoglobin electrophoresis helped more than 5000 testing in field with one major project in Vidarbha region for 4008 testing during 2005 and few projects in Chhattisgarh, Keral, Maharashtra with unique tribal population and non tribal population and reported few variants of Hemoglobin using this single blood drop technology for diagnosis of sickle cell disease.   

Clinical Examination: Pain episodes frequency studies on 1 to 10 scale basis point 

Laboratory markers for pathogenesis studies: e.g. Human parvovirus B19 for transient aplastic crisis 

Pre-Marriage counseling program for unmarried youths and prenatal diagnosis for married both parent sickle cell          carrier status. 

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