SCD program for India

We are working of long-term vision of SCD control program by using four phase strategies:

1. Epidemiology: Prevalence studies, point of care diagnostic development, reporting system

2. Follow-up programs of SCD and Sickle cell carriers for marriage counseling and genetic counseling 

3. Pathogenesis program on SCD: Biomarker studies in SCD: DNA, RNA, Protein/ Genetic modifiers/ Serology / Virology/ Bacteriology

4. SCD Therapeutics: Transgenic mice facilities NY1DD and BERK and intravital microscopy, invivo and invitro models for testing antisickling agents 

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SCD Epidemiology


SCD Follow-up Programs

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Prenatal diagnosis Sickle Cell Disease Dr. Devendra Lingojwar 2014.jpg
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SCD Pathogenesis 

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SCD Therapeutics 

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